digital farming domination in 60 days


$39 for 60 Days of Strategy & Training

((That’s .65 cents a day. Your coffee habit is probably more than that.))

What You’ll Get

Neighborhood Guide Website

You can't become the go to neighborhood agent with out a comprehensive neighborhood guide website. Step by step we walk you through customizing a hyper local neighborhood guide. Click to see a live example!

Content Calendar & Scheduler

A good content strategy helps you get found organically all while giving you fuel to talk to your database. Start feeding your social posts, easy to build newsletter & provide content for you blog. Includes our content scheduler with analytics.

Digital Assets

Just add your Name & Logos! Easy to edit digital assets & templates. Import them directly into your FREE Canva account.

Build An Audience

Now that you have content scheduled and ready to go, let's build out that audience so you have someone to talk to! Learn to leverage Facebook & Instagram.

Cultivate HOT Leads

By leveraging your local newsletter, social media posts & paid ads you will have prospects raising their hands to become "Come List Me" and "Help me buy" clients.


Amy Gerrish
Data Scientist & Realtor

Class Starts December 1st 2019

Stop farming like it’s 2008!

Videos, Live Streams & Full Knowledge Base Access ((Replays Included))

2020 is calling. Start the year with a ‘Come List Me’ or ‘Help Me Buy’

This 60 day class provides you with the strategy & tools needed to dominate your digital farm. 


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